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Sweden’s Pressure was formed in early 2018 in Stockholm with the intention of highlighting the different pressures that we all live under but doesn’t talk about or feel troubled about. Pressure has already made an impact on both the national and international scene with their blend of rock, metal, electronic and pop influences that are used and combined in the unique way that they call Story Metal.

Pressure uses their unique melodic ability, razor sharp lyrics and heavy music to deals with the pressures inside, outside, and all around us and of the need and urge to challenge and confront our demons and being able to change our faith.

Fronted by the mystic, mesmerizing Olli Violet and her counterpart the strong, relentless Viking Olof Jönsson they combine their catching melodies, strength, storytelling abilities and unique personalities to stand out from the vast numbers of rock and metal bands today. Alongside with the music this combination proves itself repeatedly. Pressures numbers and stats proves this.

  • Since start Pressure has got over 1.5 million streams on Spotify alone.
  • Pressure records their songs in different countries. Not letting bounderies, pandemics or even war stop them.
  • Pressure has got several awards. Latest was album of the year 2022 by MetalPedia, some other awards are Best rock song by the US radio show ENDIE FIYA, Band of the month on Pipebomb Radio and a lot of chart nr 1s.
  • Pressure has connected with fans in need by recording special versions of their wished songs for birthdays, cancer survivors and other occasions when fans needed their music.
  • Pressure looks for the right sound to tell the story, and with that said being one of the most diverse bands out on the scene.

Pressures members has a vast experience, have done over 1000 shows in former bands and on solo projects. Bringing all this experience and knowledge into the band.

Pressures first album “Path of a shadow” (2021) was the first ever released Story Metal album and was well received both by the hard-core rock fans and by media. A concept album but using different languages, styles, genres and music but managed to tie it all together with a story told from your shadow’s perspective.

Pressures second album “In a dark heart we trust” (2022) was the first album with Olli Violet and was a bit heavier and darker than the first album. A much bigger production and a heavier sound that spans from 80ths rock to modern metal.

Latest single

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Selection of videos

— All the things
— Sacramental Anger
— Am I Too Old
— Behind Closed Doors
— Change Me
— Just Undress
— What You See (Is What You Get)
— Barb Wire Love
— Air of Freedom


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”You’ll die for Pressure to hit your living room as a big stadium; 100/100.” –
The Metal Mag

”Adding more of their signature theatrical sound worked perfectly in favour of their storytelling style, with the help of extremely melodic expressive strong vocals, powerful catchy riffs, and pounding energetic drumming.” –
Rock Era Magazine

”Pressure fix the boring form bands have continued for decades to make it centred around a gargantuan melody.” –
Sinusoidal music

”Their latest single is quite an enjoyable listen throughout, showcasing Pressure’s brilliant songwriting and superb musicianship; I would highly recommend this track to fans of melodic metal.” –
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Pressure – Line-up
Guitars, Drums, Keyboard
Simon Forsell

Olli Violet

Olof Jönsson

Bass (session)
Ignacio Arrua

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