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  1. PRESSURE Pressure 4:37
  2. IS THIS WHO YOU ARE Pressure 3:26
  3. BEHIND CLOSED DOORS Pressure 4:29
  4. GET A REAL JOB Pressure 3:53
  5. ANGEL OF LIGHTNING Pressure 3:03
  6. HUNTER OR PREY Pressure 3:46
  7. BARB WIRE LOVE Pressure 3:15
  8. JUST UNDRESS Pressure 3:35
  9. MADECINE (ONE SHOT OF LOVE) Pressure 4:45
  10. AM I TOO OLD Pressure 4:02
  11. DID YOU REALLY KNOW MY NAME Pressure 4:36
  12. NO MORE PROMISES TO BREAK Pressure 3:56
  13. AIR OF FREEDOM Pressure 4:02
  14. IN A DARK HEART WE TRUST Pressure 10:36

In A Dark Heart We Trust

The Epic Story metal album ”In A Dark Heart We trust” is out now!
Tap into the dark true story of a real relationship

Path of a shadow - The story

Read the story behind your life from your Shadows perspective here.

You can never hide anything from your shadow

New Video - Behind Closed Doors!

We never back down from a story

If you have a story you want to tell us? Or you have an idea for a story metal song. Dont be afraid! Send us a message and we will reply!

AboutThe Band

Pressure is a Story Metal band and combines modern story  telling with hard rock and  metal music to combine images, audio, stories, music, video and special effects to bring you a total new way to experience music. Read  all about the members and the band here

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