Presave Pressures new single What You See (Is What You Get) here!  - Release 19th February

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Pressure is a melodic rock band hailing from Stockholm, Sweden. With songwriter and lead guitarist Simon “Siirpo” Forsell at the helm, vocalist Olof Jönsson and guitarist Emil Salling lead everyday people around the world to overcome and embrace the pressures felt from everyday existence. Their lyrics famously show that there are two sides to every story - the good and the bad. Every song has a double meaning. Pressure wants their music to be used as tools to handle the different kind of pressures that surrounds us.

The lead singer Olof puts his soul into each and every word he performs, and he is backed up by the guitars intriguing melodies and rhythmical sound.

The band began their journey together in 2018, and since then they have worked around the clock to build their unique sound and powerful songs. Pressure is always putting up a great show for you and their aim is to make memories and epic musical moments together with their fans.

A quote that can summarize their lyrics is: “How can you tell a story about life if you haven’t dared to live life to its fullest and take chances so you can say you have been there and done that!”. Pressure is all about every story, every moment, every Pressure!

In 2020, the band has been releasing their first Swedish singles and are translating their songs to English and German, gearing up for their upcoming album and getting ready for world domination.

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