Is this who you are

Verse 1

The doors are closed

The cheers are gone

I can't remember

What I have done?

And, you seemed kind of perfect

You completed me

But now in my mind

I don’t believe


I am no trophy, nothing to show

You could been blooming, but you left me alone


Is this who you are

Is this all I got

Shall I remain

Or take my leave

Not what I expected

Cant make up my mind

If this is who you are

My mind is slowly breaking down

Verse 2

I'm always alone

And when you're at home

You never see me

And then you are gone

Silence is my friend

The TV is on

The me is gone

I hate that I don't belong


Light pours out through, all the windows

Put it also pours out, out of my soul



Drop me like an anchor

Or keep me alive

This is what is left to decide

Chorus x 3