Behind Closed Doors

Silence eats up his lovely home,

Is something wrong? He turns it upside down,

there’s no one around, so where has she gone?

His face paints a frown, where has she gone?

She has his whole heart and left with it,

What a mad betrayal! Is this for real?

She’s all he ever wants to own



Where did it all go wrong?

He's grieving and alone

What happened to love, he cannot fathom.

His tears transform to knives

He wants to take her life, apologize, And bring her back to life.



Lonely and terrified, she flees to save herself

The last time she made a shallow mistake,

Came a little late, his punishing hands

Burnt her skin; she can never forget

Where is he now, where is she safe

Look over her shoulder, all the time.

But is it too late?



Where did it all go wrong?

She’s grieving, and alone

What happened to love, she cannot fathom.

Her tears transform to knives

Will he really take her life, apologize,

Is it time to run for your life


Does freedom await or

Will she be tortured

By the angelic devil?

She is everything to him,

the golden piece

Screaming and basking

in his vengeance,

“You are mine, only mine!”


Slow part 

She got away, but her soul in chains

He will always be just a few, mad steps away

Even when she sleeps, she must awake,

He is the filthy nightmare

They tell her she’s crazy when her neck is bruised by his furious hands

Do not let the doubt take over

It was not an illusion

He’s a bloody poison



There is no one that ever seen any wounds

All they know is he can give her the moon

They envy her for she has the ring

No one thinks he has her life on a string


Stop lying and tell me the truth

He can’t do this, he’s charming since youth

Behind closed doors, the truth could be found, although

What it is you will never know


How well do you know your friends?

Do you see through false innocence?

What happens behind the facades

No one sees invisible scars

Behind closed doors