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The Band

Simon Forsell

Guitars, Drums, Keyboards

Simon has lived with his guitars for all his life. Music is connected to his very soul.

As Simon tries to live life to its fullest he moves through the dark mist in every little corner of society. Never backing down from a challange. Because how can you play songs about life and try to write songs about it if you do not dare to live it?

Olli Violet


With her musical brilliance and a voice that is out of this world, Olli Violet is the strong voice and a guiding star for many of Pressures listeners.

Coming from a lot of challanges in her life she channels her emotions, her inner soul and spirit into the complex vocals and harmonies that Pressures music consist of. Olli Violet is more than an a singer, she is an enchantress, and her spell will bind you.

Ignacio Arrua (session)


Our session musician Ignacio is a strong fundament for the band to lean on. With his unmatched skill on his instrument and rhythmical masterfulness. Nothing can go wrong when our Ignacio lay down the law,

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